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When considering designing a patio from scratch, you need to take into consideration the way that you intend to make use of it. Do you want to sit in the sun all day? Do you want an area of shade? Are you going to use it as a workspace, if you work from home? Will you have barbecues on it?

Another consideration is where you will put it. A patio doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to the house. You could just as easily put it at the end of your yard, or at the side of the house if there is space. In fact, you can build a patio anywhere that you can lay a wood or brick floor.

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A new patio lets you get your...

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If you have a deck that is some years old, it’s a very good idea to check it for safety. Accidents can and do happen on and around decks, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

First, check for any signs of split or decaying timber. This includes the ledger board, which is the part that is attached to the house, and is often a cause of deck failure. You also need to check any support posts, railings, and steps. Use a screwdriver to see if it will penetrate the surface of the timber. If it does, it is more than likely that the timber is decaying and will need replacement.

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If you are considering constructing an outdoor living area, you may well be wondering if you should create a patio or a deck. Furthermore, what is the difference between them? After all, both of them give you outdoor living space, and seem to perform many of the same functions.

To begin with, a deck is usually constructed of wood, and is a platform raised above the ground. In many instances, it can be raised several feet off the ground. For example, if your yard slopes dramatically away from the house, you may build a deck that is at the ground floor level of your home, so that you can walk out on to it from the kitchen or back door to...

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The Treasure Garden range of products for the great outdoors is truly a treasure house full of essential items for the patio and yard. From steel umbrella bases in weights heavy enough to hold down your umbrella in all but the severest hurricane, to umbrellas in every conceivable shape and size, to protective covers for umbrellas and every type of chair or chaise, together with a choice of outdoor rugs, Treasure Garden has – quite literally – got you covered.



There are over 30 different types of umbrella in the range, in a wide variety of colors to blend with your patio décor. They come in different sizes from...

Hanamint patio furniture is some of the most popular outdoor furniture of the 21st century. Manufactured from the finest cast aluminum, every piece is thoughtfully designed to enhance your patio or yard and turn it into the outdoor living space of your dreams. From sun loungers to high quality dining tables, to ice bucket tables (essential for those cold vodka and tonics – or whatever you fancy), superb love seats, bar stools, swivel rockers, and counter height stools, Hanamint has it all.

The choice of different pieces of fine outdoor furniture in the Hanamint range is enormous. There are oblong tables, round tables, square tables,...

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If you are considering adding a patio to your yard, or updating an existing one, one of the things which may concern you is your privacy. If your patio can be seen from the road, or by your neighbors, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable sitting out there, so you may want some sort of a screen.

Of course, you could put up fencing or build a wall. There are many different types of fencing available – many of which are decorative. The same thing applies to a wall: it doesn’t have to be simply row upon row of house bricks. It is more expensive than fencing, but you could create a design yourself and have it built by a craftsman.

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When you stop to think about it for a moment, our name makes total sense. Inside Out Furniture. Most people think of garden furniture as something hard and uncomfortable, because it has to handle the weather, and might get left out in the yard.

We don’t know about you, but we want to be as comfortable out in the yard as we are in the home, so we want furniture that is as comfortable and easy on the eye on our patio as the furniture indoors.

We started business over 25 years ago in Long Island, New York, but are now located in Naples. It’s a beautiful city, has a wonderful climate, and you can spend a lot of the year outdoors...