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Telescope Casual Fire Table 36" x 54" Rectangular MGP Top

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Telescope Casual created the Marine Grade Polymer Fire Pit Tables Tops to be extremely durable and very attractive. The polymer has the color all the way through the material meaning any small scratch or mark is less noticeable. The weight of the material also makes it ideal for windy locations. Check out the Lift Kits products to adjust the height of Telescope Casual's Fire Pit Tables.

Includes Lid

Design your own color scheme:

1. Select a powdercoat frame finish color

2. Select an MPG accent color for the top (you can use the same color for both or mix and match)

3. Choose Slatted or Herringbone Patter for the MGP Top

*Note-If the MGP accent color you select is also offered as a powdercoat finish the sides will be the same color as the top otherwise the frame and sides of the base will be the powdercoat frame finish color you selected. (Offered as both MGP and powdercoat: Snow, Black, Kona, Desert, Beachwood, Graphite)