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Treasure Garden Market Umbrellas, 11' Collar Tilt Umbrella SWV (Single Wind Vent)

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Our extensive and elegant dining umbrellas are the benchmark by which all others are compared. Innovation does not stop with our new products; we are always improving on our standards. From a basic 6 ft. bistro umbrella all the way to our ground-breaking 11 ft. collar-tilt umbrella; we have the perfect amount of shade for you – whatever your needs.

Base Recommendations: 80 lbs minimun

BA150 (Commercial Base), BG50 (Garden Base), BK80 (Pentagon Base), BA50 (Art Deco Base)

BKM100 (Round Cast Aluminum Monaco Base with wheels and handles)

BKMSQ100 (Square Cast Aluminum Monaco Base with wheels and handles)

BW50 (Cast Iron Base)

BSK120 (Steel base with Casters)

BW30 (Add on Weight 30 lbs each)


Umbrella Lights: Serenata, Original VEGA or VEGA Large

Protective Cover: CP902

Item No.: UM801
Size: 11'
Ribs: 8
Shape: Octagon
Height Open: 108"
Coverage: 95 sq. ft.
Lift: Crank
Tilt: Collar
Pole Diameter: 1.5"
Bottom Pole Length: 36"
Weight: SWV 20lbs., DWV 21lbs.
Vent Style: Single and Double Wind Vent