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Posted by Inside Out Furniture Direct on Nov 11th 2018

Adding a colorful, patterned outdoor rug is a wonderful way to raise your outdoor décor to a higher level. The right rug choice will change the look of your outdoor entertaining area instantly, plus it will keep our  oncrete patios and deck wood surfaces from getting so blasted hot during July and August.

Rolling out a beautiful outdoor rug onto a plain concrete patio is the perfect beginning in changing an average patio into an inviting backyard haven. Use a rug with lots of summer color as your starting point. If your seats cushions are mostly neutral, then get creative when choosing your rug. For a feeling of continuity try matching some of the colors of your blooming summer flowers with those in the rug and also those in your pillows and accessories.

If your deck is weathered, a bold patterned rug will make you think you have a tiled courtyard. If your deck or patio is very large, using multiple rugs are a great way to carve out separate entertaining areas. If yours is a much smaller space, adding a small rug is a smart way to introduce some personality without visually taking up too much space. If your deck opens to a scenic view, consider using a neutral colors in your rug and accessories to allow the focus to be that beautiful view.

Give your exterior entertainment space that extra punch with accessories. Coordinate the colors in your pots and planters, candle-lit lanterns, sun-resistant pillows, lights, and weather-proof whatnots to compliment your rug. Visit outdoor restaurants or wineries for inspirational ideas on ways to decorate your own backyard getaway.

If you stay within one harmonizing color palette as you decorate, your outdoor room will feel just as inviting as any indoor space. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors when decorating outdoors. Choose summer colors of bright red, orange, yellow, and blue with accents of lime or chartreuse – these fun colors will add liveliness to your outdoor area. Use an area rug to add a splash of color or accent your rug with colorful seating and accessories.

If mixing lots of patterns is your thing, go backyard bohemian bold with a mix of textures, colors, and a tangle of potted plants. Layer a few outdoor rugs and you’ll create an outdoor lounge large enough to host a party. Choose to light your party space for ambience, not for brightness – adding just the right amount of soft light will help you create a magical place. Tip: classic string lights with low-voltage clear bulbs are a foolproof way to enhance the decor of any exterior entertainment area.

Be careful when choosing an outdoor rug. Sometimes natural fibers are used in indoor/outdoor rugs; however, just because they are natural doesn’t mean they will be safe from the sun, rain, mold and stains. Rugs made of 100 percent polypropylene or olefin are sun and stain resistant and are less apt to trap water. Fibers that shed water are an important feature because rugs that trap water are notorious for causing wooden decks to rot and causing concrete patios to mold and mildew. Look for sturdy, sun damage-resistant fabrics for your pillows and accessories, too. Outdoor pillows and seating made with 100 percent Sunbrella Acrylic fibers will be mold, mildew and sun-resistant. Olefins and polypropylenes are kid- and pet-friendly, stain resistant, sunfast and affordable.

Create a beautiful summer outdoor entertainment space by choosing materials that are weatherproof, textures that are touchable, and colors that are fresh, clean and fun.

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